Classified Theme Features

A Software Made Greater With Special Touches

The features of Classified Theme are numerous and beneficial.  There is not another program like this at such a great cost with no monthly charges or hidden fees and a vast amount of features.   Classified Theme has everything you need to set up a website quickly and easily and start seeing visitors to your site the next day.

Classified Theme thought of everything a website needs to succeed and put it all into one easy to use software.  On top of that, they made it completely interchangeable with WordPress, allowing the owner of site the ability to add over 1000 WordPress options, making their site everything they wanted it to be.


  • Buy one and use it 1000 times! No transfer fees! No hidden charges!
  • No programming required! Out of the box ready to go!
  • SEO friendly, will index with search engines!
  • Sell advertising with the built in slots — make more money by selling your slots to other companies!
  • Quick and easy set up for admin controls! With a easy online based control center, you can monitor all aspects of your website from anywhere in the World.
  • Quick and easy set up for user accounts! Users can also create their own personalized page with photos and details about themselves; making them feel as if they are a part of your website.
  • Integrated shopping cart with over 20 different ways for you to get paid! Choose PayPal, Google Check or a host of other payment options!
  • Works with over 1000 WordPress plug ins! Completely customizable. Make your site as unique as you are!

The above list isn’t even close to all the Classified Theme offers; they are the best and most useful from a long line of features. To see a complete list of Classified Theme features, please visit

While there, make sure that you look at the screenshots to see how uncluttered and professional the themes look.

Don’t forget, for a limited time you can save over $100 on the program, making it an investment you don’t want to miss out on!