Save money with a wordpress classifieds theme

How much does it cost for a basic html webiste?

Let’s think about the average cost of building a basic HTML website for a minute.

–        Building a website:  $500

–        Hosting for a website: $50 a month

–        Buy a domain: $40

–        Updating your website for indexing purposes: $100 a month

By the end of a year, you could have spent as much as $2300 just on getting your website off the ground.  That doesn’t include any costs for content or marketing either.

How much does it cost to build a classifieds website using our classifieds theme?

Now imagine that you have WordPress Classifieds Theme.

–        Building a website: $0

–        Hosting for a website: $20 because you will be using less code

–        Buy a domain: $40

–        Updating your website for indexing purposes: $0

–        Classifieds Theme Software to make all the above happen?  ONLY $79

How can you have a outstanding website for so little?  WordPress Classifieds Theme is a all-in-one software.  It combines free WordPress with great features and allows the user the flexibility of adding thousands of free add-ons.

WordPress Classifieds Theme has a theme for everything imaginable.  From cars to housing to jobs to adapting to whatever you sell or want to sell.

Just some of the features available are:

–        Buy one and use it 1000 times!  No transfer fees!  No hidden charges!
–        No programming required!  Out of the box ready to go!
–        SEO friendly, will index with search engines!
–        Sell advertising with the built in slots — make more money by selling your slots to other companies!
–        Quick and easy set up for admin controls!  With a easy online based control center, you can monitor all aspects of your website from anywhere in the World.
–        Quick and easy set up for user accounts!  Users can also create their own personalized page with photos and details about themselves; making them feel as if they are a part of your website.
–        Integrated shopping cart with over 20 different ways for you to get paid!  Choose PayPal, Google Check or a host of other payment options!
–        Works with over 1000 WordPress plug ins!  Completely customizable.  Make your site as unique as you are!

For a limited time, enjoy building a customizable WordPress Classified Theme site for as low as $79!  Imagine the savings verses a traditional website and on top of that, start earning revenue as soon as the next day!